Strategic Planning

The major difference between Strategic Planning and Self Action Planning is that it is much more long term and the scale is larger. A successful strategic plan could provide a clear direction of the development of the company. It can align everyone in the company towards the same direction. Everyone can understand ones responsibilities and their individual contribution to the company goal. However, the strategic plan could not be designed by one alone if it wants to be used to achieve the above function. It could be done by a group of people who are critical to the strategic development of the company using PEST analysis, SWOT analysis and Stakeholder analysis as a tool to develop a checklist of action plans. image07And finally, making consensus on the priorities of the action plans. Strategic plans generated could then be more concrete and would gain more buy-ins from staff.

For consecutive years, we have been contracted by a renowned hi-tech group with manufacturing base in PRC to facilitate their annual strategic planning meeting, to formulate and to implement their Mission Statements and Balanced Scorecards in achieving rapid business growth.

We provided consultancy to Civil Engineering Department to formulate the Five-Year Strategic Plan for 2002-2007. The project involved all levels of staff members in brainstorming workshops, briefing sessions, etc. for intensive consultation and communication.

We undertook strategic consultancy services such as facilitation of Strategic Meetings, formulation of vision, mission and values, identification of business development focuses, for a renowned construction and materials company, public transport organization, Family Health Service of the Department of Health, etc.