Performance Management

Performance Management is the matter related to the “Consequence” factor of the 4C Model mentioned before. It is obvious that staff will have no motivation to work better if neither negative nor positive consequence image10could be forecasted. Motivation can be done by both positive and negative way under a proper performance management. Therefore, the performance measures should be set to differentiate good and poor performance. However, what should be measured and how to measure? Setting up core competencies? Reviewing the present performance appraisal system? Acquiring skills of conducting performance appraisal? All of the above are what performance management is about.

We helped various organisations to develop meaningful performance goals and targets. Based on our research in these projects, we have developed an original A-B-C-D-E-F framework on Performance Measures on top of the conventional S-M-A-R-T model.



A = Alignment S = Specific
B = Balanced focus M = Measurable
C = Consensus A = Achievable
D = Deployment R = Result-oriented
E = Evaluation T = Trackable
F = Flexibility Â

We completed “Identification of Core Competencies” and “Performance Management Review” projects for organisations such as retail chains, Communications Branch of the Hong Kong Police Force, Survey and Mapping Office of the Lands Department, etc.